Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look, Ma, Artsy Pics!

In an attempt to practice taking better product pictures, some of the stockings and I had a little mini photo shoot this morning on the front porch.  Fortunately, the exterior additions to this house all seem to have endless nails sticking out at just the right angles (though there's no way to have "just the right angle" when it's on the ground, in a place meant to trip anyone who walks over it...just ask my favorite pair of ripped-up flip flops (thank God I wasn't barefoot)), so it was easy enough to hang them just under the decorative lights. 

 First, a decent interior shot.  Still doesn't really capture the colors though.
 The two outside ones are actually filled...I had to prop the middle one up on the outer ones to make it stand up.
 This would be way cuter without my car in the background, but if my car weren't there, you wouldn't be able to see that we got a teensy bit of snow last night!
And, last but not least, the mildly artsy angle.  I think I need help.


Emily said...

I had fun taking a 30-day online photography course with Big Picture Classes. It help me get some basics on taking better pictures of my crafting. I liked that it was online because I could put into it whatever I had time to put in on a given day/week. I saved all the class downloads so I can go back and practice at *some* point. The first picture on this blog post is very good. Good lighting and a nice, non-distracting background to showcase the stocking.

Barb said...

Great pictures....

love the stockings!!