Monday, November 1, 2010

Winner, Design Wall(ish), and Weekend Report

Oof, what a weekend!  I went to Boston Balance with a friend of mine on Saturday, and learned the hard way that I am very much a big fish in a small pond in my local spin classes.  6 hours of grueling cardio later, I now know the definition of "advanced" in terms of spinning. I am maybe upper intermediate.  I am also in no small amount of pain, but it was so, so worth it.  I'm getting certified to instruct in 2 weeks, which I'm so excited for.

Which leads me to my design wall.  Mostly right now it's kind of in my head.  I still have the Ohio Star blocks going (lots and lots of ironing going on with that actually) and I still need to finish the place mats for our winner (quick digression here) who, according to, is #2...Keeley!

I will get on those and send them out hopefully by the end of the week. In case you missed them, here are the pictures:

The "in my head" projects are definitely more in progress.  I've been thinking about making my spin towels more fun by adding some kind of silly applique to them.  I was thinking something like this:

I'm thinking I can just applique each picture/letter individually or something.  The dino would be probably 4 inches tall, with everything else to scale.  It would definitely keep me giggling during a workout.  I could make a running one too, for treadmill workouts.

Anyway, that was my weekend, that's my design wall, and now I'm off to work.  It's Hungarian week over at my cooking blog, so if you have any good Hungarian recipes to suggest, I'm all ears!

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