Thursday, November 4, 2010


Though I'm a few days late and already 2 posts behind, I'm going to try and do this National Blog Post Month thing that everyone seems to be doing this month.  Today's won't be particularly interesting, since all I've done in the past couple days (at least that's sewing related) is

rearrange my sewing space (here's how it was before:

and make a couple of placemats for our otherwise far too uncluttered, brand-new grownup dining table:
You may recognize those blocks, from my previous attempt at making a quilt for MOTU and I from Moda's Martinique line.  I gave up on that and tried this instead, and voila.  We have class. 

So that's it for today.  Probably won't get much done tonight either, but I have good reason. 

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Wendy said...

Hang in there Kat!