Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fave Five - Last Chance Edition

First and foremost, I'm giving everyone one last chance (until 5 PM tonight) to enter Wednesday's 200th post giveaway.  You'll just have to go on over and see what the prize is (because you need the visuals to get the real fun of it). 

And now, Friday's Fave Five:

1. Accidental victories. A couple months ago, I came up with a very efficient way of doing some stuff for work which literally saved me days of tedium.  I shared it with my team, and they weren't really interested in learning the method because they were too busy.  No big.  Yesterday, the IT crew did some stuff behind the scenes that ended up breaking a lot of our files, translating to a HUGE overhaul of everything and some very panicked emails, particularly about my files. Thing is, the method I'd come up with had accounted for this kind of issue, so where it could have taken DAYS to fix everything, it took me 15 minutes.  At the risk of gloating too much (and having someone who may have chosen not to employ my method read thing), I'll leave it with a simple "booya" and move on.  I'll leave the victory dance to your imagination.

2. Kini.  I swear, this dog is on my list every week.  Right now, she's curled up on the treadmill (again), cuddling with her bone.  Dogs are so weird.  This week, we hit a milestone...her first buried bone!  I wasn't there for it, but MOTU says she buried it then immediately missed it and dug it up to carry it around the yard some more.  That's our puppy. 

3. Generosity.  I finally finished the thank you notes from the wedding last weekend.  It still blows me away that we needed over 70 thank you notes...even people who barely knew us (some who didn't even know us and were friends of our parents) gave us way more than we expected them to (and my expectation was that if they were coming to celebrate with us, that was gift enough)!  We are blessed.

4. Spin. I went to 2 spin classes this week, and while the first one was pretty terrible (sorry, but if it would fit in on a station called "The Eagle", it's not workout music.  Sailing Away was my breaking point...I literally walked out it was so terrible) the second one (last night) was AWESOME!!  The music was great (Time Warp, techno remix of My Heart Will Go On, etc.) and the workout was NUTS.  I was feeling fantastic and pushed hard.  I am in a little bit of pain today, and that's awesome. This weekend is Boston Balance, and I'm taking 5 classes...that's 7.5 hours of working out (3 classes are spin).  Sunday is going to be a long day, but so worth it.

5. Speaking of pain, my upper body is hurting too, because for the first time in a long time, we went rock climbing this week. I'm pretty bad at it now, and my arms/back/shoulders are in pretty sad shape, but it felt so good to pull some plastic.  Especially when I ended up showing up one of MOTU's friends on one of the routes.  :-)  Oops. 

The weather here has been great...warm and sunny most of the week (minus the creepy fog that settled in on Wednesday night), and overall it's been a great week.  I hope everyone else had a fabulous one too! 


Beth said...

I love when work issues get resolved and I am resolver.. good job!

My dogs are so special to me and I need to post about them more often!

Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

Great list! I'm not a dog person but yours sounds so special!!
and I love it when things at work are resolved.....i'm a hiker and have done rock climbing a little's fun! happy weekend...

Laura said...

"Booya" to you!!

Spinning classes sound like so much fun. You rock climb? Wow!

Have a great week ahead.

Brenda said...

Its a great feeling to have those thankyou notes done, I'm sure!

You go girl with all that exercise! So good for you!

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

I think your dog sounds fun! :) Love watching dogs!

Impressive with your workout! And so cool you got to try out rock climbing I can see how that would be a great upper body workout!

Susanne said...

That's a lot of thank you notes! Good for you for getting them done. I know your guests will appreciate them knowing for sure that you received their gift!

Wow, that's a whole lot of working out. I'd be on the floor. LOL.