Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I think...

...this girl may have just inspired me to make a quilt with a mustache. Everyone seems to be doing mustaches and TRexes lately.  I think my designs need to get way funkier, and soon. Stay tuned.

Also, this is my 200th post.  I feel like some kind of giveaway is in order, but I'm not sure what.  Let me think on it...if I get more than 5 comments on this post (has to be on the post, not on FB sorry), I'm thinking maybe some mustachioed (wow, that's seriously a word??) placemats are in order.  Because seriously, who doesn't need facial hair looking back at them when their plate gets taken away?  Set of 4, up for grabs, pending 5 comments ON THIS POST.


I forgot to mention when this closes, duh.  It closes when I find something interesting enough to write about in another post, so likely sometime tomorrow night or Friday morning. Also, if you're someone I don't know personally, please make sure to include some way for me to contact you (a reply-to email address is fine - check your Google settings).  Winner to be selected by random number generator.


Couple quick teaser pics of the placemats.  How can you resist a moustache on lemons??
 And a cute polka-dotted backing to boot!


Jen said...

Post #1!!!

Is mustachioed really a word? You made that up!!!

I would love to see you make a funky quilt.

Keeley said...

I always approve of making up words, why else would I be in science? We tried to coin "cryolubricity" earlier this year, I dont know if it stuck.

Mustache placemats, whoa.

Emily said...

Mustaches are definitely in, as are monocles. I had an idea for a "disguise" quilt. It would have squares with different faces or figures and it would come with things like mustaches, monocles, hats (all with velcro) to decorate the faces/figures. I doubt I'll get around to making it, though, because we're leaving for Sweden soon (I hope) and I haven't bought my new sewing machine yet.

I'd love the placemats, if you do make them.

Mimi said...

Are you always this random and fun?? I'd have to say a placemat with a big ol' moostache would be neat. Hope you make 5!!

Ben said...

I think the idea is fabulous - I am actually sitting in my shared studio/office with Cyanide Stitches right now (she's my GF of 8 years).

I think she started with mustaches not thinking it would be a huge seller, but because she used to draw them on everything. After a few months it was such a huge hit you just gotta give the people what they want sometimes.

P.S. - You asked for contact info - it can be found at the bottom of my website if you need/want to get in touch.