Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stockings to Stuff

I cut out most of the pieces for our Christmas stockings last night, hooray!  I'm using a Simplicity (I think) pattern for it, and these were the SMALLEST of the options, at "only" 14 inches long.  The 19 inchers were a  little silly and the 25 inchers I could fit a small child in.  Not this Christmas, thanks.

I ran out of green.

I also ran out of kitty.  There should be two kitty stockings, but I guess it works having one as the flexible one...I know we'll always have at least one cat and one dog, but the third pet could change depending on how things go in the future.

I'm claiming dibs on the grey one, I think.  I think I'll make the blue/stars one Nick's, and the multiplaid one Grisgris'.  The other two are self-explanatory.  :-)

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