Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fave Five - Advent Edition

What a week!  MOTU has been in Texas all week, bonding with my parents, so he gets first mention on this week's FFF.

1. My wonderful husband.  We were both supposed to spend this week down in Texas with my parents, but because of work stuff I needed to come back on Sunday instead.  This is the longest time he's spent with his new (but awesome) in-laws, and I know many men would shy away from that kind of thing.  He's taken it in stride, and I've actually barely heard from him all week because he's gone out of his way to hang out with my family instead.  What a guy!  He also did some gift wrapping for me (a task he hates but does well) without complaint.  Love that guy. 

2. Progress!  I've got 3 stockings made, the garlands hung, and half the Christmas cards addressed and signed.  I need to make 2 more stockings, a tree skirt, and a couple of Christmas presents, but this is progress.

I forgot, I also started on the critters' gifts...everyone's getting fleecy pillows this year.  This is Shelby's, minus one zippered side.
Garlands hung with care.
3. Kini.  Lordy I love this dog.  Right now, she looks like this:
Last night though, we had this series of events:
 She wanted to be on the bed, but didn't want to scare Grisgris off. 
 So she waited.
 And climbed very...
 ...up onto the bed.  The only thing that kept moving was her tail.
 Eventually, she got up, flopped over, and laid very still so he'd know she was safe.
 Then she got comfy.
Then they got cozy. This took about 15 minutes total, and I was laughing the whole time.  She's so considerate!  I love that dog.  She's about 10 months now.

4. Potential.  This is another cryptic one, for fear of jinxing anything, but there are things to be excited about going on, and I'm, well, excited about them.  It's been a good week for winds of change.

5. SPACE.  I've finally managed to get rid of most of the furniture on the porch, which means we can once again walk through there!  Thank God!  I got rid of 6 (yes 6!) night stands, a couch, a coffee table, and two end tables this week.  Oh, and like 8 sets of wire shelves.  It's cleansing to have so much stuff out the door.

And one bonus one.

6. Freedom.  I love MOTU.  I miss him terribly.  There are things that I get to do though, when he's not here, that I miss a little.  For example, this morning I hit the snooze button...9 times.  I had no intention of getting out of bed at 6:30. None.  But I wake up better when I do it in 9 minute increments.  As you can imagine, this drives MOTU NUTS.  I don't blame him, but I still do it, on purpose, when he's not here.  I also eat completely crap food, let the critters sleep with me, and wear the ugly (but comfy!) sweaters daily.  I can't wait until he's home tomorrow, but it's been a fun week on my own anyway.  Especially since no one got sick.  :0)


Carrie said...

It sounds like you have a winner of a husband on your hands there! And I'm sure you'll enjoy welcoming him home!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wendy said...

(Each and every item.)

Melissa said...

Love it all! I laughed at the sequence of photos of your dog; mine used to sneak onto the furniture in a similar way. Not to be considerate, but because she knew she wasn't allowed up!

cindy said...

Every once and awhile I purge and it feels good to have space. I have to do this in my craft studio soon.

What a hoot, the dog managed to get up on the bed almost like the cat is ruling he every move.

It is great when everyone gets along.
have a great weekend

Faith said...

You are blessed with a good man!
I'm not a pets person but your animals look like they are loads of fun! And the stockings are adorable!
Have a great weekend welcoming home your hubby!