Monday, November 22, 2010

Design Scrapbook Monday and Friday Night Sew In Report

So I just realized most of my FNSI pictures are actually on the camera that's at home right now, so for now these will have to suffice.  I got all the placemats finished, sewed and pressed all the triangle squares I had started (which is about a quarter of what I'll eventually need) for the colonial quilt, finished the Valentine's top, and basted the Christmas quilt.  Phew!  All that, and it was only a 3 hour night, since I also made cookies and chicken baked in fig sauce (see my cooking blog for yummy details). 

The colonial quilt squares.
The stack of everything completed.
Saturday, I got this in the mail.  That, folks, is 350 4x6 prints from our wedding.  Note it's almost as tall as the base of my sewing machine.  Gulp.  I've since organized them into several piles (friends, family, us, key moments, and misc - horizontal and vertical of each) and have started sorting those piles into a rough timeline (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, morning of prep, pre ceremony, ceremony, post ceremony, formals, reception...yes, that took a long time).  And then I took a break and went to Micheal's, where I found this:
Feel free to add your own punchline.
3 trips to Micheal's, one trip to Joann's, and 2 trips to Target/Ritz Camera later, I exploded across the couch, in hopes of being less anti social.  This had the adverse effect, as Nick didn't want to touch anything (lest he mess up the system) so he and Kini went and watched TV in the bedroom.  I even put Firefly on to lure them back in, but to no avail.  I wallowed in lonely, nerdy scrapbooking for a solid 4 hours last night. 

I've gotten as far as the morning of prep, and only about a third of the way through that, but here's the progress.  The above picture is actually sideways, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now, sorry.  That's the front cover of the album.
First page.
More rehearsal. Love the pictures of my grandmother and her great grandson...too cute, huh?
Rehearsal dinner.
More dinner.
Morning of prep, bride and groom.  You'll notice that, while I was spending 4+ hours getting dolled up, about 3 hours in Nick came by to steal some food and try to get a sneak peek.  He was still in jeans and a t shirt.  Boys have it so easy.
My brother, without whom the wedding would have gone very differently...I may have walked down the aisle nekkid, and definitely without as big a smile.  He's the best brother ever.
While I was scrapbooking, Nick was out making the house pretty.  We have a new banister on the front porch now!  The next step is adding a little fencing to prevent Kini from bolting into the driveway (I predict confusion the first time she encounters it).  Didn't he do so good??  :-)


Chris said...

Your scrapbook pages are wonderful. That is one thing I don't do, for fear of another addiction LOL

Denise :) said...

LOL! What a fun post! Love your scrapbook pages -- and you're right. Guys do have it so easy! Have a great week! :)

allison said...

They wouldn't come back for Firefly? Are they made of STONE?