Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Down to Just Fingers

I was wondering when the panic would set in...there it is. Everyone keeps telling me to keep breathing and not to freak out if things go wrong, etc etc.  While I appreciate the advice and well-meaning behind the words, I feel like turning around and reminding them of how THEY (if they're married women) felt a week and a half before their wedding, and if they were "calm" and open to the idea that the whole day might be a train wreck.  While I am confident that my day will go just fine and that I'll roll with whatever happens, I'm also confident that that relaxed attitude will be well-earned because I've sweated out all the details and freaked out about every little thing for the past 5 months.  So yes, I get that it's going to be a magical day and that anything that goes wrong will be laughed about later, but just let me bask in the stress and the hard work that's going into it, ok?  If I weren't worried about things, it would mean that I don't care about them. Stressing, at this point, is normal and valid and while I'm doing my best to keep it to a minimum, I don't feel at all bad about letting it get the better of me on occasion.

Anyway, off my soapbox.

I can count on just fingers now how many days left until I'm a Mrs.   That's awesome.  MOTU and I have been keeping each other going, alternating stressor and stressee, and it's just reminded me over and over how glad I am that I get to marry him.  When times get hard, we're there for each other the way we need to be, and that's critical.  He's a good man and I'm a lucky girl.

Here's our song:

I'm mostly done with stuff. I need to make 2 more directions signs and I need to make a trip to the Halloween store to get funny hats, but that's about it. All the reception decorations are done and in boxes, ready to be loaded in the car.  All the ceremony decorations are the same.  The programs still need a little work, but they're getting there and if I had to ditch the effort they'd still be ok.  All the wedding party gifts and florals are in boxes, ready to go.  I haven't at all started thank you notes yet, so if you've sent us something and haven't heard, please be patient.  I've been trying to make sure to let folks know we at least got stuff and are grateful though, even if the handwriting isn't on the card yet.

In other news, we're officially NOT a Marine family!  It's be TOUGH for MOTU the past couple weeks because the decision wasn't ours to make, but in the end...I can't hide the fact that I'm relieved and thrilled to have him with me for the next year instead of far far away! For the sake of his privacy, I won't go into details, but suffice it to say God answers prayers, even silly little ones.  :-)

And finally, obligatory pet pics: 
Kini wanted very much to be in on the conference call I had this morning.

She's just so very excited about customer process management software. Wouldn't you be?

Anyway, that's the news.  Might be sparse posting for a while, with all the chaos coming up and such. 

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