Monday, September 13, 2010

Design Delivery Monday

The problem with having design wall Monday is that invariably I've actually completed a lot over the weekend, and by Monday morning I have nothing on the wall. I'll have more up later tonight and probably even more than that by Wednesday, but for now this is sort of a view into the past. 

First up, bibs!

 The complete set, post first washing.
 Straight lines
 Baby Raptor

Next up,  a friend asked me to make a quilt based on a book she reads to her soon-to-be three-year-old. I had a lot of fun shopping for the fabrics and putting this one together.
 The squares are 6 inches finished.
 Design wall (and bed)!
 Finished top!
 Finished quilt and book from whence it came!  After a few hundred washes, it'll look more like the one in the book lol.   (I have an email out to the author requesting permission to use this image...if she doesn't want me using it, I'll remove it immediately.)
For Joseph!


Wendy said...

Isn't that the sweetest thing!

Barb in Mi said...

Too cute! At our last guild meet they showed us childrens books and mini quilts made accordign to the book/ pictures. I just love it!