Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Critter Post

I know Shelby has no concept of the internet, nor would she care even if she did, but she's been such a raging brat lately that I refuse to post pictures of her until she behaves (as in, stops peeing on everything BUT her litterbox...last night it came scary close to being on our bed and so help me God, if that little demon ever pees on our bed again (especially if we're sleeping in it), no amount of clapping will bring her back from the backyard I'll send her to). So to that end, here are a couple of cute pics I took last night:

Grisgris has started staking out underneath the bed in the guest room.  Not stalking, just...being a kitty. 

Meanwhile, directly above him:

Kini happily munches away on her rawhide bone, oblivious to the danger and fun lying directly beneath her.

Home is a fun place to be.  :-) 

While I'm posting, quick updates:
* Mai's quilt is so nearly done.  It's trimmed, the binding is cut, sewn, and ironed - just needs to be sewn on.  A good hour or two tonight and the whole thing will be done and I can ship it off to her tomorrow.
* I got the centerpieces and the favors (which double as escort card holders) in the mail yesterday. MOTU got his tux jacket and vest, and the boys' ties came in as well.  Things are coming together and I'm not panicking.  I'm still waiting to hear from 10 people, but of those 10, 6 got last-minute invites, so we're doing pretty well. 
* I started on the programs last night.  I definitely need to figure out how to streamline this.  Maybe once I have more of my workspace back (my room is a second guest room for this weekend) I'll be able to figure something out.  For now, I got 5 done.  5.  In about 45 minutes.  That's just not going to cut it. 
* I ordered more stamps - one for the top of the programs and 4 for thank you notes/guest book inserts.  I'll show you once they get here.  They're cute. I have high hopes, but that's one more thing I'll need to emboss. 
* MOTU passed MEPS.  We still have to wait until we get official word from BuMed that he's fit for duty, but this is a huge step.  This means he can finally start putting together an application packet and actually *apply* so we'll know if he gets in.  And then the real fun starts.  :-)
* Work has been great.  I found a new way of doing some stuff that will literally save me about a week of work - and I get to present it to my boss and team today.  So I'd better get on that.  :-)

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