Sunday, August 22, 2010

Logo Designs

Guess what???  I had my first sale!!  Some kind soul took pity on my poor deserted shop and bought a set of thank you cards!  Woohoo, that makes me officially open for business!  Right?  Right!  So Ive decided I need some branding. Maybe even some business cards to send along with products (assuming I sell more LOL).  Barring another kind soul taking pity on me with my severely limited graphic design abilities, Im likely going to be relying on some pre-packaged thing that looks terrible but gets the job done.  Like the above!  Thank you, read my mind!  When people buy stuff from me, they should know that it packs a one-two punch!  Or something.

In any case, Ill keep trying...just had to share that little gem with you guys.  Be sure to come back tomorrow - my bridal shower was this weekend, and it was AWESOME.  Ill have pictures then - related to a design wall of the future and everything!  (Seriously, if you have any soul at all, youll want to hear what the magnificent women in my life put together for me.  I was stunned.) 

Til then, sleep tight!  Dont let stuff punch you!

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