Monday, August 16, 2010

MIA Advanced Notice

Hey everyone, guess what?? 


Have I ever mentioned how much my mom rocks?  I mean, I love her because she's my mom (duh), but I really like her as a person too...I'm told that's not always the case, but I don't remember a time when I ever *didn't* like my mom as a person (ok, minus that one time she didn't let me go to the mall when I was 16 or something).  

A few cool things about my momma: 
* She ran the Austin marathon a couple years ago...just up and decided one day that she wanted to do it, so she did.  Before she turned 50. 
* Last we checked, she can still fit in her Girl Scout uniform...from when she was 18.  I'm not sure I could even claim the same. 
* She rarely does anything for herself - she's always off to some charity thing or some volunteer whatsit, and when she's not taking care of strangers, she's taking care of her mom, her husband, her kids, etc.  Most days I think this makes her happy, awesome of a person is that? 
* She's been the wife of a military man for over 31 years!  31!  That's a long damn time!  
* Before college, she'd only ever lived in one house, her whole life.  Kinda makes the whole military wife thing even more incredible, huh? 
* I have two quilts in my house right now that she made, and at least 2 more in Texas that are her work as well.  There are dozens of kids around the greater San Antonio area who have tote bags made just for them, by her hands. 

There are like a billion other awesome things everyone should know about my mom, but a) I'm at work and b) she'd be embarrassed if I talked her up too much more so I'll refrain.  Suffice it to say, she's the best. And she's coming to visit.  I am SO excited. 

In any case, given the amount of cleaning/painting/prepping/other stuff I need to do this week, it's gonna be a light week for entries - sorry!  I'm sure next week will be full of pictures though! 

And just to tide you over til next time, here are a couple pictures of the ceremony programs: 
 This time with ribbon, and the right direction!
And the inside.  I realize there are a lot of names on here, but if you can somehow steal my or anyone else on here's identity based on the fact that they're in my probably deserve it. 

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Wendy said...

Glad your Mom's coming for a visit. Hope you two have a WONDERFUL time!!!
The program is so pretty!