Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infinite Awws

Get ready for some adorableness folks!  This post is just loaded with it!

 First up, Miss Shelby.  Yeah, she's the adorable destroyer of hard drives.  That computer no longer functions. Probably not related to her, but I can blame her anyways.
 It's a comfy quilt.
 The man of my dreams chillin' with his third ladylove.

 Eater of hair.
 Nom nom nom.
 <3 Sun

 Purdy girl
 My design bulletin board.
 I have a few blocks for the princess quilt done.
Sort of playing with the idea of using these as flowers in my bridal bouquet...thoughts?


Mrs Quilty said...

I'm an animal lover and those are the cutest pics!! Love the ones where the doggie is sleeping with the human! They all think they are human! Your quilt looks lovely too and the flowers are really pretty! Very Nice.

Wendy said...

And that's just the right word Kat: