Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Table Monday

Finally, a few pics:

 First up, where the flower ring lives now.  I love it.
 Next up, my design table.  Those two stacks are the blocks for Wrapped in Hope waiting to happen.  The center piece is stitched to the two smaller border pieces, ironed, and piled up with its respective border pieces.  Once I get them all done, I'll lay them out to see how they'll go together.  Maybe by then I'll have a formal design wall.
 I dropped my travel Battleship game while packing this weekend.  After hours of moving, not enough sleep, and so many little pieces on the ground, this landed me in a fit of giggles where all I could think was "damn!  I just sunk my own battle ship!" 
 This should be on my cooking blog, but it's yummy looking enough to post here too (and I'm too lazy to delete it now that it's in).  This was the pork tenderloin salad thingy I made.  Lord was it good.
 This is how Kini lays in the sun.
And this is how Kini mopes in the sun while I'm looking at bridal magazines.  Grisgris keeps a close eye on things.

So that's all I've got for now.  My camera is at home, so I'll have more pics later. 

See more design walls (and better projects) here!

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Wendy said...

All looking good Kat!
And i've finally caught up...
But not for long, i think, 'cause i'm going out of town AGAIN tomorrow for the rest of the week.
Oh well.
I'll comment when i can.

(my word ver is *pownif*; i think it's funny)