Saturday, April 24, 2010

I wish I could claim lack of sobriety...

...but the fact of the matter is, I came up with this while I was driving:

(this is in the copy/paste format of facebook updates, for those of you who aren't friends on there.  Yeah, I publish this crap publicly and my momma's proud (or at least tolerant) of it.)

"just realized how awesome my wedding date is. It's the square of two consecutive primes. That only happens three times a year, and at most one of those dates falls on a Saturday (ie, a usable wedding date). On our 38th anniversary, the date will be the square of three consecutive primes (9/25/49 -> 3/5/07). So in conclusion, I don't just get a wedding anniversary, I get a square root anniversary every year. :-D"

Then today:
"WOAH. I just realized that we both got engaged on and are getting married on perfect square dates (4/16 and 9/25). And if you set them up month/month/day/day, the square roots of the whole thing are 2/3/4/5. WOAH. Just WOAH. I also have deep mathematical insights into my mom and dad's birthdays if anyone's interested. On that note, good night."

And on Mom's wall:
"Was thinking about this while I drove today. Did you know the odds of having a birthday mathematically similar to yours in a given year are 8 in 73? You have fractional birthdays occuring on 3/10 and 6/20. You share that mathematical phenomenon with only 39 other birthdays. Dad has a fractional birthday on 3/2. He shares that mathematical phenomenon with only 89 other birthdays a year. HOWEVER, the fact that his half birthday is a date consisting of two prime number is significantly less common...that only happens 24 times a year. The Boy and I don't have fractional birthdays because either a) one of the numbers is a prime (mine) or b) there's no common denominator (both). So you and Dad have pretty awesome birthdays. The Boy and I have the
whole counting up thing going for us though (11/12 and 8/9) so that rocks too. Only happens 12 times a year, so the odds of having 2 kids like that are...well, they're something. "

Yup, that's what I think about when I'm driving.  Also what I think about when I'm swimming (which I haven't done in almost a year).  I think in fractions.  Is that weird?  I know the answer to that, hush.

Anyways.  Paddington is as done as it's gonna get before I ship it off to Mom to finish.  Unfortunately, I finished it the morning before she sent me an email about a charity that sends dresses to little girls in Africa, which she's really excited about.  Damn. Oh well, maybe I'll send a couple pillow case dresses along too. 

Wrapped in Hope is coming along.  I've got an assembly line thing going with that and I've got the top and bottom pieces in place on all the center pieces.  Trust me, it'll make more sense when I have pictures to go with the rambling.  Alishia's quilt remains in the pile, and I think there's one more I'm forgetting...maybe a QFK?  Crap.  It's been a busy/mildly hellish week.  My company got acquired officially on Wednesday and while the new parent company is super excited about the whole thing, the first thing they did with us is lay off all our favorite manager types and give us new bosses we don't know or love like the old ones.  I've been there less than a month and I can vouch for the quality that they let slip between their fingers.  Sucks, but I guess that's life, right?  Anyways.  Between that and lining folks up to interview when we go up to VT (where the wedding is) and lining up all the paperwork to get married Catholic-style, it's been a crazy crazy week.  I think I also put together a registry, our wedding website, and our Save the Dates in there too.  Templated the invites as well.  Oh, and tentatively booked the photographer who I've been playing phone tag with.  Check him out and tell me what you think:

Anyways, it's late and I've had a nontrivial amount of wine.  Time for bed.  Night all!!

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