Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holy Two Post Day, Batman!

Bear with me folks, I'm gettin' my creative on.

So last night, I came home to a darling (woah, did I say "darling"?  Seriously?  Yikes) thank you note from Matilda's momma-to-be.  It was clearly hand-made, happened to be in my wedding colors, and contained a challenge.  She said, "I can't wait to see what kind of creativity you use in your wedding."


And yesterday I was looking at florists and online invitation printers.  Damn damn damn.

TODAY, I am looking at making the flowers, making the decorations, making the invitations...someone please stop me?

Here are a few of the ideas I'm toying with:

These little holders are so cute and so easy!  They would look so great for the ceremony, with maybe some ribbon instead of twine, and my autumn colors.  For reference, here's what the inside of the church looks like:

Maybe I'll nee to find a better way of attaching them to the ends of the pews.  I'm thinking I can make tissue-paper flowers.  I should probably practice that first though.

These flowers would make much better boutonnieres than the ones I made.  The ones I made look kind of like clown flowers when standing on their own on a man's jacket.  These remind me of carnations though:

If you look at the end of the tutorial, you can see them a little better.  Maybe adding a couple of those to the bouquets would work too.

This, I LOVE. I'm thinking I can find some battery-operated strings of white Christmas lights, then highlight the flowers from behind. Maybe use a different kind of vase (thinner, taller) and yellow/gold/orange/red papers. I think it'd make a really cute centerpiece.

I'm also loving these boutonnieres:
See the tutorial for separate pics...that's a bunch of them clustered together.

Here are some more ideas:
This is a super cute guestbook idea (and finally, something quilting-related!), but I have other ideas...I haven't decided if I'm going to clue my guests in to the fun that awaits them though, so I can't post those ideas yet:
Phew!  That was exhausting! 

I think I'm done for now.  I won't even bother with invitations until I hit up Joann's tonight on my way to Rising Stars Quilt Guild in Lexington...a friend from middle school (I don't think I've seen her since 8th grade!) invited me to come with her...should be awesome! I'm a little tempted to bring some squares to make into flowers. 

Anyways.  Enjoy the inspiration!

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Wendy said...

Kat, here's one *more* idea...
Grosgrain is a really cute blog, and this is a link to her tute for making poppies (in whatever size you want).


'Cause, you know, you, like, need MORE ideas!