Thursday, April 29, 2010

everybody say oooh ahhh

check it out, a new style of flower! me gusta.

By request of Inchworm Fabrics: 

The flowers are loosely based off of this tutorial:

I didn't cut the circles in half or do any sewing...I folded them into quarters and then followed the same steps of sewing the rounded edges.  The big petals started life as 3 1/2" squares and the small ones started out as 2 3/4" squares.  I didn't particularly like the look of two layers of same-sized petals, but the bottom layer ended up with a gaping hole that wouldn't have been covered by the button so I added a smaller layer of smaller petals.  I think in the future (ie, once I cut some red fabric) I'll use some reds to highlight the differences better. 

If that doesn't make sense, let me know...I can post a tutorial next time I make one. 


Barb said...

I can sure tell that you have a creative mind....your ideas are so amazing....I can not wait to see your actual wedding.

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

Is there a tutorial for that flower?

Wendy said...

And no sewing? Bonus!