Wednesday, April 7, 2010

check the time stamp

yes, it really is <4 am. and I'm so ok with that. :) potty break #2 went far only one accident, and that was because we took too long getting her outside. that was on MOTU's turn anyways teehee. on my turn, everything went perfectly...she's even caught on that she poops at the back fence. and she's not even crying like she did at 1 am. we so got the smartest puppy there. :D pics to come when I'm coherent.


VeeV said...

i have racked my brain....... and i can't come up with what MOTU means.

i know it's your other half.....

love your humour, and your work.


Kat said...

MOTU == Master Of The Universe (he named himself that). :-)

Wendy said...

You're up late, and
I'm behind the times.
I just posted today... two days late.
But looks like you're having fun! (Not *quilting* fun, but fun all the same.)

VeeV said...