Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fencing Matilda

Did you know that flowers are really just loops?  And not terribly consistent ones at that?  Yup, turns out that's all they are.  Check out my free motioning:

I don't know if you can even see it, but I used pale pale pink along the fences to doodle daisy chains (at least that's what I'm calling them).  They're reasonably forgiving for the most part.

Now, the big question of the day.  Do I wear the jeans that are clearly too small (but are nice jeans and I'm tired of wearing polyester) or do I wear the polyester pants that fit better, are a little too long, but don't emphasize how bad quilting has been for my hindquarters?  Either way I'm wearing The Boots.

I've decided to start implementing a rewards program for myself...sewing is no longer something I just "get" to no, ladies and gent, it has to be earned.  No more sewing without working out first.  Minimum of 500 calories burned.  This quilter's/desk jockey's spread has got to stop, and soon.


Crafty Maine Mom said...

I make the deal with myself that if I start sewing at night I will not snack. I have gone to bed hungry but I have survived.

Helen in the UK said...

Your freemotion daisychains are just visible in the picture and look great! Just relax and enjoy :)

VeeV said...

just found your blog today..... i like it..

love the creatures!!

i use the green painters tape (i can just tear pieces) and write numbers with a sharpie on them... to organize my pieces as i'm "puzzling" i found the post-it notes fell off. and painters tape doesn't leave a residue.