Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to the Design Floor

Man, I cannot wait to have some real space.  Tonight, I finished up the top for the Paddington quilt I'm putting together for my mom.  I think it'll end up being a Mothers' Day thing, at the rate their move is going.  That works.  In any case, the top is done.  It was icky.

The middle part is a print on a really flimsy fabric that I just don't like.  The fabric isn't great quality, and the print wasn't aligned with the threads, so when I went to cut off the stuff around Paddington, it sort of swooped to the right.  Blech.  Thankfully, the strips I used for the sides were sturdier.  The corners, though, are the same material as I'm using for the backing (first major fussy-cutting endeavor, thankyouverymuch) and are much thicker.  I think the material was intended for curtains.  Blech.

Oh well.  It's together.  The reds aren't nearly as orangey as they look here, I promise.

MOTU is still sick, which is why I got time to sew tonight.  He conked out around 9, which is probably what I should have done too.  Oh well.  I'm off to bed now.  Maybe I'll get up and run outside tomorrow before work...it's supposed to be another nice day I think.


Helen in the UK said...

Well it looks great in the picture :)

Wendy said...

And i'm sure you're lovin' the hardwood floors now too. All that work was worth it, wasn't it.

Maggey and Jim said...

That is really cute and someone is really going to enjoy it..

Stephani said...

It looks great to me! I'm amazed by anyone who can quilt! I like scrapbooking and used to have terrible space issues. I used the dining room table which meant we always ate on TV trays. I have some space now in our extra bedroom. Not as much space as I'd like, but a lot of storage space and it doesn't matter if I make a mess of things!

Kat said...

Thanks, guys! I have no idea what I'm going to do for the quilting part of it...the backing is the same stuff as the corners, so I'm gonna need a thick batting to make sure it doesn't show through. That middle fabric is really just ridiculously thin.

And Wendy, sadly those are not the hardwoods you're seeing...that's the laminate in the kitchen. I had to sweep up dinner's mess before laying this down. *sigh*