Monday, March 15, 2010

Design (Table) Monday

Here's what I've been working with:
You see the washer/dryer in the background there?  That's my ironing board.  No, it is not at all effective.  Especially not when the iron's steam feature goes haywire and sprays everywhere.  Nope.

Here's my "stash".  It's pretty sad, huh?  Sigh.

Here's a picture I like though.  Everything I completed this weekend, and a pair of socks.  They're clean, don't worry.

Tonight I'm stopping by my place to pick up more supplies and to see how many animals have collected in the ark of my basement.

Oh geez...I just got a call saying the company I'm about to work for just got acquired by another, bigger company this morning.  That's a new Monday low.  My boss-to-be says it's not anything I should be concerned about and that as far as he knows everything's still going as planned (as in, I still have a job there).  It looks like the new mother company has an opening for a tech writer anyways, so they're not overstaffed in that area, which is good.  Just gave me a little jolt given that I have fewer than 10 days left here...eep.


Wendy said...

Breathe, Kat.
A l-o-n-g deep breath in.
A l-o-n-g deep breath out.
Envision (the ocean, a tree, whatever helps put you at peace) while you breathe.

And THEN go look at that precious PUPPY!!!


Maggey and Jim said...

wow.. Hope the job holds out,, they are hard to find right now. Love all the quilts and your blog..Thanks for getting on my followers too.I really like meeting all these new people. I think it is awesome that you are doing those QFK.. Wonderful