Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quilt Number Ten!!

Yeah, I sort of thought it'd take longer to decide/finish number ten.  I was sort of debating doing a giveaway to go with the milestone, but frankly, I have nothing worth giving away.  My seamstressing is severely amateur (well duh, I only started in July) so I'll save it for another milestone.

Regardless, I finally got the fourth QFK done, so all these can go out the door tomorrow!!

This one perplexes me a's cats and paw prints, but the thin border is...bones?  I didn't see the connection.  The backing was just light green stripes.  Gotta say, it's absurdly busy and not at all something I would have made otherwise, but hopefully it'll bring someone comfort.  :-)

I called it "Kat's Kitties".  Lame, I know.

It's barely 8:15 here, dinner is made, served, and put away, and MOTU is still on the couch watching awful movies (it's been a really enlightening weekend for me...I had no idea how bad of movies he'd tolerate until today.  Yikes.) so I'm going to keep going.  Next up is more blocks for Alishia's string quilt.  Maybe I can get them all done...I think last count I had 35 or 32...I need 48, so it's totally doable.  I just wish my ironing board weren't the kitchen table and that I didn't have to unplug the sewing machine every time I want to plug in the iron...sigh.


Duff said...

Buy yourself a "spanky new job gift"--a powerstrip!!
You sure are crankin' 'em out! You rock!

Barb said...

Love the quilt, someone will love it besides me!!