Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Boring Posts

Ever feel like headbutting stuff? I do.

It's maybe not always the *best* idea in the world though.

I found that while I was looking for a clip of one of the baby dinosaurs growling.  I know I'm not crazy here...I know there's a part where one of them is just sitting there going "rawr rawr rawr rawr" with this childish angry look on its face.  That is absolutely how I'm feeling today.  I'm not really angry, I just want my damn sewing machine back!!  I keep looking at all these projects and I wanna sew!  Argh!

In other news, MOTU and I have applied to adopt this little cutie:

Her name is Marlow, but that's not gonna stick.  We're trying to find something better.  She's a purebred pitbull at one of the local shelters, not even 2 months old yet.  She'll be ready to go home with us (we hope) after Easter.

I also found this, which I'm going to make for my cousin who just had her second baby:

You know, as soon as I get my @(*&^%#*( machine back.  Rawr.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

You're absolutley right Kat. There is a scene where Cera is rawr-ing. My youngest daughter (now almosst 19yo) used to LOVELOVELOVE those Land Before Time movies. (Truth be told? She still loves 'em. Shh!)
But you sit there and RAWR anyway! Just 'cause you can.

jus' sayin'...

But things will be better. Just look at that sweet little face up there and you'll feel better.