Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!! #4

Oof dah, what a week!  I'm so glad it's Friday!  I have more than 5 faves this week, but let's see if I can compress them anyways:
  1. I gave my notice!  What this implies is a few sub-faves:

    • I have a new, better job (and better means more pay, MUCH better commute, and new opportunities in a new environment).
    • I'm moving in* with MOTU (but not letting my lease go until I have a ring on my finger...*I've told him I'm not really moving in, I'm putting some clothes in his closet, my sewing junk in his old room, and my treadmill by the sewing junk...but I'm not moving in).  This act implies a lot of complicated things as well, including another fave which I cannot compress into this one because it deserves to stand on its own.
    • I only have 2 more weeks from today to deal with the people and projects that are not the highlights of my days.  
    • I no longer need to attend planning meetings. 
    • Cold stares melting into "why are you leaving me" puppy-dog eyes from more than a few people...including some rather higher-up people that I didn't realize even knew I existed but apparently value my contributions.
  2. I'm valued!  I had no idea some of my coworkers felt the way they do about me.  Some of my favorites have been:

    • "We've been through a lot of writers on this team, but you will be the tear that hangs from our soul."
    • "But you're my favorite person here!"
    • "You know, they have boyfriends in MA too..."
    • "I get sick for 2 days and the whole place goes to hell...what happened??"
    It's been a bittersweet week, hearing so many people saying they'll be sad to see me go.  I honestly had no idea I'd made such an impact here...I knew I was trying, but I'm glad to know some of it worked.
  3. We applied to adopt a puppy! I posted her picture yesterday, but here she is again for those of you who are just stopping by:

    Her name is currently Marlow, but we're planning on renaming idea what her new name will be though. She's pure pit (and pure adorable), so she's gonna be a big 'un.  I'm looking forward to walking/running/camping with her.  Our van's name is Helen (as in Helen of Troy), but we couldn't think of anything to go with that...not for a girl puppy anyways.  Any ideas?
  4. Getting a mom-cooked meal at pseudo-family's house tonight!  MOTU and I were planning on running the Niantic 5k this weekend, but the weather is looking like it's gonna be nasty so that's probably not going to happen.  Still, we're going down anyway because my parents' best friends live in CT and MOTU hasn't gotten their approval yet.  We might stop at Ikea on the way home, who knows.  
  5. Midterms are over!  And now it's spring break!  From my one class!  w00t!  I'm hoping I did ok on that midterm, but I'm not sure.  We'll see.  The one downside to leaving TMW before class ends (well, besides not getting tuition reimbursed) is that now I won't have access to the toolbox or the team that's helped me understand so much.  Of course, I also won't need to take a Statistics class ever again (have I mentioned how much I LOATHE Statistics??) so as long as I pass this one I should be ok.  
I think I have more pictures on my camera, but for some reason my work computer won't recognize it as an input device.  Grumble grumble. 

Oh well, it's 1:17, which is cookie o'clock in TMW-speak!!

Have a great Friday!


Brenda said...

How fun it will be for you to have a puppy!

Congrats on finishing midterms, thats always a good feeling.

Stephani said...

Adorable puppy! I can certaintly relate to your Spring Break rejoicing. I work at a University and I will be off next week! So glad to be off! I plan to look at your quilting stuff more. I don't quilt, but I sure love having them! Have a great week!

Susanne said...

Congrats on the new job! Isn't it funny how people wait until you are leaving to say how much they value you. Sort of a good reminder to us reading this to let people in our lives know that sooner rather than later.

Cute puppy. Enjoy her.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Some big things going on with a job change and all, but how wonderful to know how valued you are! Love the puppy! :)

Laura said...

Precious pup!

Wishing you all the best in the new job. And it is nice to learn you're appreciated, isn't it?

Happy weekend!

Wendy said...

I'm late 'cause i'm out of town!
Bonus? I'm NO help whatsoever!
Nice fave five (butreallymorebutwhatever)!