Sunday, February 21, 2010

I leave my computer for a few hours...

And look what happens!!  Thanks, CJ, for cluing me in!  I might not have checked back in until tomorrow! 

Can't wait until next month's sew-in...third Friday of every month now.  I'm glad it's a Friday night...this time I was up (don't judge) couldn't stop!  But I didn't need to function yesterday, so it worked out. 

This is what MOTU and I accomplished this weekend: 

There used to be a few more walls in here. 


This one it's maybe more obvious that there used to be walls here.  The right part is going to be where we put the bed, once all's said and done.  In the other picture, the leftmost wall is going to be one long closet, sticking out about 4 inches further than the wall sticks out now.  The space created in the back right where the wall juts out is going to be a vanity with a big mirror and two sinks (fancy!).  Behind the wall on the right there is going to be the shower/toilet with a door.  It's hard to describe with just these pictures, but it's going to be fun to make it "our" space.  
Also, I just realized these were from before we got the carpet up.  Under that nasty carpet is (ready for this?) GORGEOUS hardwood floor!!!  WHO COVERS THAT UP???  It's a disaster though, with paint all over it and a big black stain, and half the floor isn't even stained.  We're going to have to put in some work to make it pretty again, but my heart just leaped out of my chest when I saw it!  MOTU wanted to put down some kind of laminate and I just about cried at the thought of covering it up again.  I convinced him to let us keep it.  :-D 

SO!  That leads me to a general poll.  I need ideas.  This is going to be the first space that will really be "ours".  This house is in his name, we're not married, and I don't actually live here (yet).  It's hard to feel like I'm more than a roommate...or at least it was until today.  It's got a definite rustic vibe to it, and I want to make us a quilt to fit the space.  We're going to repaint the room, but haven't decided on exact colors (I like blue, but I like blue for everything).  I also need to make something for a headboard since what he's got right now (seriously) is...a sleeping bag nailed to the wall.  I wish I were kidding.  At least it's soft and plaid.  So...what do you suggest?  If you had a room to decorate in a rustic-ish fashion, starting from scratch, what would you do?  

Also, I'm not opposed to learning how to make a rug to go with everything too, so if you have opinions/suggestions on that, I'm all ears.  

Thanks again, Heidi and CJ!! 


Wendy said...

Oh wow. That's just too wide-open for me! Try googling "bedroom rustic decoration" or something to narrow down your search, & so you can start to see colors & stuff you like.
Whenever someone says "Rustic" in reference to decorating to me, i immediately think of Northwest Cabin-type decorations. You know, green & burgundy or various colors of plaid, moose, wood beams, etc.

Sorry. I'm sure that's NO help WHATsoever!

...yet again.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, a blank slate. I've been doing a lot of decorating lately. I made a headboard from 3 old tin ceiling tiles. An old door salvaged from a re-store or habitat for humanity store would make a nice headboard too. Have you considered painted wood floors? That might be easier than refinishing and kind of rustic too. I painted my staircase recently and love it. I like Apartment Therapy for ideas.
Hope that helps. Good luck.

Kat said...

Lol sorry Wendy, I know it was vague...hopefully today's post helps a little. Blues. I like blues lol.

sewbeeit, the ceiling tile idea is pretty interesting...where would you find that kind of thing?

SpinningStar said...

Go over to - under decorating, they have a whole section on headboards.

I was also thinking of the door or shutters for a headboard. But, you could also make a padded headboard with a quilt top of your choice.

Good luck!