Saturday, February 20, 2010

fnsi #1

the beginning state of me sewing room last night. these pix are gonna come one at a time, sorry


Anonymous said...

I love your quilt!

karenfae said...

love the quilt on the wall. I see we follow a lot of the same blogs. I will check back another day and look more through your blog.

manuela said...

Congratulations! My cat do exactly the same thing as yours, every time I get up she goes there and steals my

Kat said...

Thanks! The one on the wall is a work in progress...hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks I can put in a few solid hours and finally get it off my wall. For now, it's just pretty to look at lol.

CJ said...

Congrats on winning the SEW IN prize! I have one of the pincushions made by Heidi and you are going to LOVE Verna! Happy Quilting!