Monday, February 22, 2010

Panoramic Room Shots

Here are a couple of panoramic shots of the room, sans carpeting.

Isn't that hardwood GORGEOUS??  I LOVE the dark stain and the wide boards!!!  I'm all giddy just looking at it!


From the other side.  You can see where we're thinking of putting the bed (masking tape).  The far left is the space we're using for the bathroom.  The plumbing for the whole house comes in at that corner, so it shouldn't be too hard to extend...famous last words.  MOTU is calling a plumber today to see about it.  That's going to be the toilet and shower space.  In the above picture, the space to the left of the window is where the vanity/sinks will go.   I'm so excited to get going on this!  I'm thinking darker denimish blue for the trim and a lighter denimish blue for the walls.  Kind of gray blue I guess.  For the bed quilt I'm thinking something white/blue and traditional...I'm not sure I'm excited about a log cabin design, but something of that vintage I guess.  For the headboard I'm still at a loss.  MOTU really wants something quilted for there too, but I'm afraid two quilts right next to each other like that will get busy and ugly pretty quickly.  Anyone out there done a quilt for a headboard before?  I'd love some help on this!

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