Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Design Wall...Tuesday?

I totally forgot yesterday was Monday, not Sunday...long weekends always trip me up.

Here are some pictures from the design wall and life in general:
Ohhhh kitty...I guess this automatic feeder isn't so kitty proof after all.  It's also not as consistent about actually feeding him as I hoped, which is probably why it got a beating.  Poor kitty.

Design wall shot 1, early in the night.  What we've got here (L-R) is the top for the next QFK (The Robots Win), Alishia's Strings, my first BOM, and 5 of the blocks for Mai's quilt.

Design wall shot 2, also early in the night.  Again, Alishia's quilt and the QFK, but now you can see the Paddington quilt I'm working on for my mom.  After some shuffling, I've come up with some modifications for the design of that one, but they're still in my head as the fabric needs washing before I can play with it.

More of Mai's quilt.  Technically this is sideways, but you get the gist of it.  The stars are inconsistent, which I might fix or I might not...I'm not sure yet.

So those were the pictures as of...midnight?  Then I couldn't sleep (who knew Diet Coke could keep you up late??) so I went back in and played around with more stuff.  My nominee didn't win the Quilt of Hope Contest, and I promised the friend of the mother that I would make her (Abby) one even if she didn't win.  It's going to be fairly similar to the giveaway quilt (bright colors and simple squares).  I need some greens to throw in though.

In any case, I should do some work.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Mary said...

The string blocks are looking good. My design wall is empty this week and I have to take it down tomorrow as it is blocking the guest bathroom and my sons are coming for the weekend.