Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fate's Hands

I'm stranded sans sewing machine up at Sugarbush in VT with Nick and his family this weekend, so this will be a quiltless update, I apologize.  I'm not sure I even have any good pictures to post from this computer either.  Maybe I'll make something up.  

In any case, an update on the whole USMC thing. He talked to his recruiter on Friday. The guy (DR - darling recruiter :-D) said not to make any decisions but to call him in a week (I laughed, knowing Nick had already made up his mind going in there). The June OCS class is full, so Nick's going to train/prepare/apply for the October one. (I like that...means I get the whole summer with him.) He has until late July to physically train, and then he'll take the PT and submit that score along with the rest of his stuff (transcripts, etc) to the board, which meets in August to determine if he gets one of the two slots available to DR for the October OCS. DR will be giving Nick a training plan and checking in with him to make sure he's meeting his milestones before submitting his info, so as long as Nick does what he's told, it's pretty likely that he'll be shipping off to OCS in October. After that (assuming he survives it lol), he'll go on to TBS (The Basic School, which I'm calling Battle School...if you've read Ender's Game, you know the reference) which will take between 9 and 12 months (on top of the 2 for OCS). That's all in VA, and after OCS I can go down and visit him whenever I want (well, nights and weekends anyways).  That's a lot closer (and cheaper to get to) than GA or AL, so I'm a fan.  

Things are still a little undecided about where I'll be living post-June.  We're neither married nor engaged, and I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to living together (after attempting to be new-fashioned and getting seriously burned...another story for another time).  Also, his house is a solid hour's drive to my work, without traffic...not exactly an enticing commute, you know?  But he owns the house, his kitty lives there (mine is MUCH more portable than his), and it would just simplify things if I lived there while he's gone.  So if you know anyone in the southern NH region who wants to pay me a lot of money, I'm smart and can learn a lot of job skills quickly. :-P   

So that's the latest. :-) I'm glad to have some answers and decisions on things. We both joined the gym near his house, so now I can even run with him in the mornings. There's no way I'll ever be able to run a sub-18 minute 3-mile though lol.

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