Thursday, September 15, 2011


This...has been a turbulent week. None of the bad stuff directly affects me, but there has been a lot of seriously heart-breaking news this week that's made my weeping heart, well, weep.

But that's for another post. For this post, we have a finish! Huzzah!


I stippled it (not very well, mind you) around the focus pieces, so they're kind of raised and highlighted. I'm happy with it. I'm still not very good at stippling though. My lines cross a lot. A LOT. Oh well. The dark blue fabric on the back is some of the same stuff that I used in Just His Size, which was made for the recipient's grandson, so there's some connection there. Precious, I know...aren't I special? :-P

Friday Nigh Sew In is nearly upon us, and for once I'm hosting a party! A couple of friends are coming over, cramming themselves into my sewing room, and partying it up with me. I can't wait. :-) The major project of the night is top secret (to be revealed later, I promise), and if there's time then I'll put in some more time on the memory quilt. That one should go together quickly once I sit down and do it.

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