Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I've started working on the embroidery part of the military quilt (taught myself, TYVM) and I have to's actually really humbling. Doing this by hand is sort of forcing me to really think about what the words mean, and what they meant to the family involved. The one I'm working on right now says

"Short Tour"
Nov 2009 - Nov 2010

I can just picture the soldier's wife getting a phone call every few weeks telling her that they'd be in the field...just a few more weeks. I don't know that that's what happened, but it's what I'm picturing anyway.

 I rearranged the blocks a bit so now BDU material surrounds where the blouse will go.
 Hand embroidered FTW.
 Didn't wash away the marker, oops.
 Looks impressive, huh?
 First block. Not as pretty, but ok.
It's getting there.

In other news, I've cut out all the pieces for the Civil War quilt and am kind of a little considering bringing them to work so I can lay it all out on one of the big conference tables. Would that be crossing some kind of line do you think? :-D

This weekend we're supposed to get some silly hurricane heading our way, so it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time indoors...oh darn! :-)

And also, to everyone who thinks I have superhuman wanna know my secret?

I don't have kids. :-) 

I manage my time well and I don't have kids. My time is my time, and I LOVE that. I'm living it up until the inevitable happens and the future grandmothers in my family win out. For now, I don't spend my day chasing a knee-high around, so while it may sound superhuman, it's not. It's just lack of offspring.

What are you working on?

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Barb said...

You are doing a wonderful job!!