Monday, August 22, 2011

Accidental FNSI and Design Wall Monday!

Finally, I'm back!

This weekend I ended up having a bunch of time to work on stuff in "the lab", so I got a TON done. I had a finish:

 This one is puppy-themed, and is a donation quilt for the Animal Rescue League of NH's silent auction fund raiser in September.
 If you want to donate to the rescue league, our team page is here.
This guy will thank you for donating. :-D

After I finished that (literally, seconds after I finished the final stitch on the label), my best customer showed up with some Civil War themed fabrics to make a quilt for her dad's birthday at the end of September. I don't have pictures of that (grr), but it'll be up on the design wall as soon as this next one is down (hopefully by the end of the week, but we'll see).

Some of the fabrics include these:

The two general pictures are going to be the feature fabrics, and the flags and maps will fill in the spaces until the edges. Terrible description, cool project. There will be more pictures, promise.

After Jen left, I started cutting up pieces of military uniforms to create this:

This is a promotion quilt for a soldier who's being promoted in December. The post it notes mark where patches and/or embroidery are going to go. The only change I need to make is around the shirt - I'm going to make all the squares touching the blouse be BDU (green) material so it stands out more. The arms also need to be folded differently, to lay better. I'm waiting on 2 more sets of stripes, then I'll be able to start putting blocks together. Until then, I'll be embroidering stuff and stitching on patches.

I got mad embroidering skillz, yo. Yes, that's my handwriting, and yes I did that freehand. I know the 1 has a tumor, it won't happen again.

I still have a TON of leftover uniform material, and the wife has asked me to make 2 more queen sized quilts out of the leftovers for her sons. Hopefully, I can get them all done in time for Christmas. The only one that's time critical for now though is this one.

I also got this quilt basted last night (I didn't make the top, a friend's requested that I quilt it for her). Not sure what I'm going to do for the quilting.

Isn't that adorable? I just love the colors. It's so fresh and summery, it makes me think of lemonade. Love love love.

Other projects in the pipeline are a wedding quilt:
This is going to take some creative engineering because some of the squares are bigger than others, and (worse) some are signed all the way to the edges. I'm excited to work on this one though, and honored they'd think of me to put it together for them.

I really need to be putting together *our* wedding shower quilt as well. It's in a box and I really just need to spend a good hour or two getting the pieces organized so I can just hammer out a block or two when I have 15 minutes to spare. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Finally, the other pile o' fabric new in my sewing room as of this weekend is a stack of t shirts from a gymnastics camp my sister in law and her friend(s) went to for the majority of their lives. I guess one of their friends is getting married, so they want a quilt made out of all the shirts from all the summers. I'm thinking this might be my first QAYG quilt, but I'm going to have to try it out on a smaller scale first, to make sure I can do the block joining right.

Anyway, that's what's going on in the lab these days. :-) All or nothing.


kwiltnkats said...

Now I'm a prolific quilter but Kat you got me dizzy and exhausted reading everything you are working on, scheduled to do, and are taking on. Do you ever factor in eating and sleeping? Can you handle cut up citrus design for a quiting pattern? There is a King Tut thread that is perfect for it that was used on one of my quilts. I too had a problem with signatures too close, I decided no matter what I tried it wouldn't help so I stitched over the writing. In every case there was enough of the message that it didn't matter. Good luck on getting all of your projects finished when they need to be. Sandi

Chris said...

Now that i have read all the projects you have going....I need a nap!! I wish I had that energy.

Gari said...

OK, just reading all you are signed up to do and have done has me so tired I may have to go to bed early.

Alycia said...

Holy Buckets you have a lot of things going on! So how do you keep up?