Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabric Accountability

Last night I set up my ironing board so I could watch Michael Scott propose to Holly (I'm not ashamed to admit I teared up a was surprisingly sweet and minimally awkward) and ironed 66 (yes, 66) fat quarters from last weekend's adventures.  I didn't bother ironing the yardage (about 4 yds) because I'm not using it yet and I hate ironing yardage.  It's a flaw.

This is the whole mess, minus 4 that didn't go with any of the three themes (batiks, animals, and civil war). 
Civil war prints, including one FQ that was actually a freebie that got lumped in there on accident, but I think works.  Can you spot it? These are going to become a replica of the 121 love letters quilt.  I'm saving the heart block for last (and for the back) so it'll be extra scrappy.
The animals.  Mom and I found these at the second store and started a quest to find the hippos, which was the only print they were out of.  4 shops later, we got the whole collection.  I have a couple FQs of footprints that I'm going to incorporate in there somehow too.  I'm thinking I Spy on these.
And finally, the batiks.  I couldn't spread these enough to really do them justice, so you'll just have to wait until I start using them to see each one in its full glory.  This stack alone accounted for half of the FQs bought.  I can't wait to use them...I have big plans for these.  I'm excited to see this one come to life.  This one and the civil war one will likely be slow progress over the summer, but I want to really enjoy them both, so I don't want to try and rush them out.  Speaking of slow progress, I really need to get the wedding quilt out this weekend.  I need to get hacking on the neighbors' quilt too.  So many quilts so little time!

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