Sunday, February 27, 2011

Neighborly Love

As if Mother Nature knew I was starting to wonder if making a quilt for our amazing neighbors (who always plow our driveway, without so much as knocking to say "hey look what I did!") was a little too much, she dumped another 5 inches of snow on us over night.  Sigh.  Is anyone in the southern states (I'm looking at you, Hawaii) accepting applications for poolboy/house maid?  Nick and I would make a great addition to your household staff!

In any case, here's a little update on the quilt I'm making for the neighbors.  I won't's not as muted as I'd hoped for.  The pictures of the Moda line (Charlevoix) made it look like the colors were sort of...dusty?  I dunno.  Less whubam than they are, anyway.  They're bright.  It's not necessarily a terrible thing, it's just that muted tends to be more "decor-neutral" and since I don't know how they decorate their house, I'm hoping this won't completely clash.  There are so many different colors though, I'm sure something's bound to work.  I hope.

Anyway, pictures.
 The first few strips.  Even pictures now still look a little less intense than they do in person.  I dunno.
 More strips, with between stuff added.
All the  blocks are done and sewn together.  The between stuff with the smaller squares isn't sewn together yet, but this gives an idea of what I'm doing with it.  The treadmill makes design-walling a near-acrobatic experience, but I'm lucky enough to have both so I won't complain. 

The wrapped in hope quilt is officially done too!  I need to get pics of it...stand by! UPDATE: PICS!


Judy D said...

What a wonderful thing you and your neighbor are doing for each other. You know the saying about fences make nice neighbors?? I say nice neighbors make nice neighbors.
The quilt is fabulous and anyone would be happy to own it.

Connie said...

Looks like a beautiful quilt and I'm sure your neighbors will love it.

AnnieO said...

That is a lovely gift! I think that red, blue and yellow together are neither too masculine nor too feminine so are a good combo. Hope you finish it!

Barb in Mi said...

Your quilt looks fabulous and I am sure it will be loved!

Anonymous said...

It's a great quilt! Who cares if matches the decor or not?

Heather said...

Rest assured, they will love the quilt and all the thought and care that went into making it. So sweet! Can't wait to see your Wrapped in Hope quilt! I made one last year and it was such an uplifting experience to help out with that cause. I wasn't able to do one this year, but am hoping to join in the new quilting bee group. Keep up the great work!

Marti said...

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a quilt? I think it's lovely, and bet they'll be snuggling under it on those cold winter evenings.