Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love is Louder

I'm not dead, I swear! Just trying to finish up this quilt before posting more pics of it. 

On Valentine's Day, a friend of mine introduced me to the Love is Louder movement on facebook, and I gotta say...I'm hooked!  It's hard to remember it some days, but love really is louder than anything negative the world can throw at us. 

To that end, I decided to incorporate the message in Cori's orange dancers quilt (which still doesn't have a good name yet) and quilted it (in my best handwriting!) in the bottom right corner.  It's subtle and you can barely read it, but if you look for it, it's there.  I could have done it brighter, bolder, louder, but I like that you have to really know to look for it to see's like a secret message.  I did it using (what else) paper stencils.  I think I'm going to incorporate this on all my donation quilts.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Went to the link. Awesome idea.
Love is Louder.
I like it.