Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Pics

Just a quickie post to throw up some pictures of the progress on the wedding quilt.

The first 4 are the "special blocks" with centers made from material I couldn't slice into 2.5 inch strips. 
My grandmother made this one herself! It's from Mardi Gras 2008, when we went as Ghostbusters to their "departed spirits", complete with handmade proton packs and everything.
From my coworker Maryrita, a shirt from the company  we worked for before being bought out by...
...Pega.  This one is from another coworker, Lisa, who cleverly got this from a mouse pad.  Love it.
And last but not least, from a former coworker and dear friend, Jen, a bookshelf.  :-) 
Sorry for the poor lighting on this one.  This is what all the rest of the blocks will look like, more or less. 

5 down, 31 to go! 

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