Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Member of the Fold

Quilty bloggers, I'd like you to meet Lisa. 

She's been indulging me for months now, oohing and ahhing over endless pictures of projects from wedding stuff to silly little quilts.  I kept telling her I'd teach her to quilt if she wanted me to, and she always said she'd love to...when she had time.  Well, she finally had time, and I think we have a new member of the quilting fold!
I ordered a couple of kids from Quilts for Kids, and they came in on Wednesday.  We decided she'd come over on Saturday, to learn how to quilt.  Here's her first design wall layout (minus the two blocks she was actively sewing together):
Isn't it adorable?!  Basting the quilt:
She was a great student and picked everything up super fast...not that I expected anything less.  :-) 
This was my kit.  I'm waiting to put the binding on until tomorrow, when Lisa will be back so I can show her how to do hers as well. 
After all the girliness of yesterday, I needed a little break...I found this hilarious fleece (far right) and some super hero prints, and now I'm channeling my inner super hero by watching Daredevil and making a totally superhero themed quilt.  I have a new design in mind for this, so we'll see how it turns out.
I also picked up the backing for the Valentine's day quilt, which I'm hoping to be able to baste at some point tonight.

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