Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mostly Just Pics

Just a few more pics from the week.

Lisa, quilting her first line of quilting.
Done!  How great a job did she do??
She used blue for the ditches, the pink and green down the respective diagonals.  Love it!
Such straight lines!!
The two quilts together.

I added this quilt to the mix.  The front is flannel, the back is fleece.  After putting it in the box, I started wondering if I was allowed to use those fabrics.  Hm.
Hopefully they can use it.  I loved the fabrics, and I thought it was cute...but I may be biased.  :-)
Up next, the superhero quilt. 
Close up.
Wide angle.

That's about all I've accomplished in the sewing room this week. Between my grown up job and my new, evening job (did I mention I'm a Spin instructor in training?? LOVE IT!!), cooking, cleaning, and MOTU starting school, it's been a long week. Oh, and I've been sick and work has been seriously nuts. Hopefully tomorrow night will change that. What are you working on?

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