Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Legitimate Wall Monday

Omg, can you believe it?  I not only have a design wall, but this week I legitimately have something up there!  Like, it's really up there right now!  I didn't finish it last night, I didn't keep going with it past the stage of the picture, what you see is exactly how it looks in my room right now!  Aren't you so proud?  Lol.


This week's project is...drumroll first official commissioned work!  Legitimately!  A stranger contacted me on Etsy and asked me to make a wall quilt for her two boys' bedroom, incorporating trains and tractors as the main themes and cars and planes as the subthemes.  It's sort of an interpretation of my Window Pane I Spy quilt from last year. 

Here's the overall design:
She wanted her boys' initials incorporated as well, so I'm appliqueing them onto a fabric that's too "busy" to make into an I Spy block (you'll see in a minute) of each theme.
 Here are some of the I Spy squares I had in my stash when she requested the quilt.
 Friday night after a quick trip to Joann's and a first attempt at applique. The scrunching is because the stabilizer wasn't pinned (lesson learned) and that bottom corner was nekkid.  This is, more or less the idea of how the top of the quilt will look.  The brown will be light blue though, per customer (I have a customer!) desire.
After a trip to Yankee Pride Quilt store in Essex Junction, VT on Saturday, I had a few more squares.  I'm waiting on a train panel I found on eBay to come in, and a few more squares from other fabrics I found on there, then I can start with the stitching. 

So that's the big project this week.  I still need to put binding on the complicated quilt (which still doesn't have a better name than that right now), which I'm sure I'll do this week.


Vicki said...

Congratulations!! That is one cute boys quilt and they will love it. Has my favs in it too.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I like your I Spy quilt....not the same old pattern. Love it!

Chris said...

Great quilt for a little boy...or a big boy... LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

It's a great boy's quilt...very creative!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the commission. Very appropriate quilt for a couple of boys. Like the setting you are using. Very fun!