Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shh Don't Tell!

Last night I made my first attempt at making letter blocks for a baby quilt for a dear friend who's having a girl next month.  From that, if his wife reads this (I don't think she does), she'll know who it if you know who you are, knock it off and go read something else!  :-D

Anyway, a sneak peek is all I'll give until it's safely in the arms of its owner to be:

I have to say, I have simply LOVED putting this quilt together.  Maybe it's the softness of the flannels.  Maybe it's the genuine joy and "you SO deserve this"ness I feel towards the new parents.  Maybe it's the pinks, maybe it's the little hands, maybe it's just because it's a nice quilt.  But regardless, there's just such a good soul to this one.  (Am I the only one who thinks quilts have souls?  Maybe I'll expand on this tomorrow.) I keep getting images of momma and baby in a rocking chair, and that little girl is just SO loved.  I think the love you put into a quilt magnifies it and gets passed on to the recipient, even if they don't recognize it as such.  I adore this little girl's parents so much, I keep getting giddy at the thought of them raising a child...they are just such *good* people, just genuinely, to the core GOOD people - and that's a rare find anymore. 

Anyway, enough.  I'll show the rest in a week or two when it's safely at its new home.