Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mai's Ugly Quilt

My friend Mai is going off to college on Saturday, so I got this thing done just in time.  It's called "Mai's Ugly Quilt" in reference to an inside joke between the two of us.  I don't think it's ugly at all though.  :-)

Grisgris doesn't either.
Apparently my mom left to have lunch with me and came back to this guy shamelessly catting up Mai's quilt.  Fortunately, it still needed washing anyway.  He stayed that way for most of the night...I feel like that's a good sign.  He was just infusing it with some of his kitty love so she won't be homesick. 

I think what makes that picture even better is that he's laying on Mai's college quilt, which is resting on the quilt my mom made for ME when I went off to school!  It's nearly a decade old, but it's still my favorite rainy day quilt!!

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Jandi said...

Very cute! I hope all that kitty love does her some good!