Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Recap

Sorry, these are a bit out of order, but here's what we got:

In an effort to cool the room off, I kept the fan in the window last night.  Directed at the design wall.  Sigh.

The fan did not do this. It's better now, I promise.
I feel like these need to be a quilt for something maybe MOTU's friend's vintage store (James, need a quilt to go with those coolots??)
Saw this at Petsmart last night and couldn't stop giggling. 
Came home to this scene...sorry Shelby...
A finish!  QFK #7, Kitty in the Mirror (take a close look, you'll see why).  I was sober, I swear.
SQUEE!  I got this gem for $5 at a yard sale today!  Can you say "steal"??? It now houses my DVDs, batting, batting scraps, and utility (duck cloth, fleece, etc) scraps. The drawers are unfinished, but they'll get a nice coat of paint maybe next weekend.  Something to match the new bedroom.
And finally, the latest crime scene.  Seriously, this is just disturbing.  It looks like piggy took a bullet to the head, but really it was just Kini.  I guess I should feel better knowing that, if any burglar ever came in and let her out, then laid on the ground for a while, she'd make quick work of his ears, nose, and maybe fingers.  But only if he was full of fluff.  Fat burglars, you've been warned.
Tonight I'm back in the sewing room, but I'm not sure what I'm doing...the design wall is a wreck  and I'm feeling lazy so I'm not sure I want to clean it up enough to work on that.  Mai's quilt needs to be laid out again before I can work on it.  Maybe I'll do some more boutonnieres (one of these days I'll spell that right on the first try).  Oh, I guess I can show those off too:

I think I like the first better than the second (the ribbon doesn't do much for me), but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make the back not look like crap.
 Took one of the successful ones and tried wrapping the wire around the flower...well duh!  It holds better, but I need to make the stem shorter next time. 

Anyway, that's the update.  Hope everyone else had a productive night!!


Jandi said...

I just dropped in to see your FNS progress and had a good laugh! Thanks!

Wendy said...

Lots of catching up, caught up. =-)
Didn't see the mirror or the Kitty or the reason... Oh well. I'm sure it's me. =-)
You're so productive!!! [jealous]
(And i'm behind on reading blogs again.)

Kat said...

So the reason for "kitty in the mirror" is that, if you look closely, the halves of the quilt (vertically) are upside down from each other. Not quite mirror images, but I accidentally flipped half of the directional kitty prints, then just went with it for the borders. The label is in the middle of the side of the quilt too, to add to the effect.