Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cricket Cricket

My sewing machine has been collecting dust (well, cat hair) and not in the fun way's been a busy week, as usual, but at least I have a few fun pics to show for it:

First, my anti-kitty protection system. Yes, she even tries to sleep on the ironing board. She doesn't like the fan, which goes all night, so she doesn't sleep on the bed anymore.
 Usually she sleeps in one of MOTU's backpacks, which is spread out on the floor.  After a little spring cleaning, she couldn't find the backpack and in the morning we couldn't find her. Dig the the deepest, darkest corner of the closet and you'll see a little head:
 Yep, she sleeps just like that. Doesn't want to risk getting zipped in, so her head is always out.

Last night, Kini was feeling fashionable:
 No really, she loved wearing MOTU's shirt:
 Ok, maybe she wasn't all *that* excited about it...
Aside from critter craziness (Grisgris is still making his rounds as household bully, too, if you're curious) it's been a productive week.  The house is clean, we had a bbq on Monday, and I've run 10 miles so far this week...Tuesday I ran 8 and yesterday I ran 2 - I got my personal bests for longest run and fastest mile, respectively, per my Nike+ thingy.  I'm hurtin' just a bit today.

Anyways, as usual, it's off to meetings and meetings and meetings for me.  Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon!!

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Wendy said...

Everybody sounds like they're doing good!
Things are just as they should be. =-)
(Except i'm SOOO far behind!)