Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Floral Beginnings

Thanks, everyone who left supportive comments yesterday.  I really appreciate it.  The more I put the binding on, the more I got to feel the weight of the quilt, the more it felt like a comfort blanket, the more I liked it.  I don't love it, but I feel like it might be acceptable to send to a 6 year old now.  I hope she likes it.  She requested princesses (I guess her dad writes her letters with stories about "Princess Emily" from prison so they can keep connected...how cute is that??) so she got princesses.  I even got some cheesy little tiaras for her and her mom. I hope they like them. 


Moving on. 

Last night was way more productive than it had any right to be.  I mean, it was a Monday after all.  We went to talk to the priest about getting married, took the FOCCUS, and came out laughing.  We are SO ready for this.  Got home, neither of us was hungry so I just had a sandwich for dinner.  The Save the Dates came yesterday, so I started on addressing the envelopes...I got EVERY SINGLE ONE DONE!  Addressed, return addressed, stamped, and STD in the envelope.  Now I need to print out the "please book your room now" sheets, put those in, and ship them off.  Hopefully I can get those out the door tonight.

After that, I put the binding on Princess Emily's Epic Disaster and got about halfway through before calling it quits for the night.  I also took Kini on a good long walk. 

I didn't make any of this last night, I just finally remembered to snag a picture this morning:

 Here's a first glimpse of what could be a bouquet.  The one on the bottom is about the size of my hand, for reference.  That one might be a little big, I dunno.  I have a ton of ribbon and beads and such to add some extra oomph on these as well.
This!  I did this! By myself!  No tutorial!  I am quite proud of this one, actually.  It looks like a passable boutonniere, right? It needs some green on the bottom and some wire and green tape, but I think it looks pretty cute! 

Oh, and of course...

It turned out *ok*.  It's in the wash now, hopefully to be dried by tonight so I can put that in the mail with everything else.


Can't wait to see what tonight will bring...


Wendy said...

"Swimming, swimming, keep on swimming" as Dori would say.

Nancy Eaton said...

Hey, Kat, have you ever heard of www.knot.com? My two daughters are getting married soon and both like this site for planning. Check it out!