Monday, May 3, 2010

Design POS Monday

Dear Princess Emily of the Wrapped in Hope project (through Margaret's Hope Chest),

I sincerely apologize for the piece of crap quilt you are going to receive for your 6th birthday.  You deserve better.  Hopefully by the time I ship it tomorrow (pending successful binding completion tonight) I can remove a few of the curse words and violent screams that have thus far poisoned its existence in this world.  No 6 year old should be privy to that amount of swearing and screaming, especially from a stranger.


Your quilt donor.

Remember this?
 It turned into this disaster:
 I swear, every possible thing that can go wrong with a quilt, did.  Nothing lined up right.  I sewed stupid stuff together. The back is horrific and puckered and..ARGH. 
 I kept screaming at the stupid thing all night.  MOTU kept laughing and telling me he was sure it was fine, but at the end of the night I just balled it up and threw it across the room. Stupid quilt.
 Here's what it looks like, more or less. I don't need to point out the awfulness of the center, or all the places that the corners don't even come close to each other...ARGH.
 But hey.  At the end of the day, there's still cuteness to be found:
That's right, Zucchini loves zucchini, especially when it's frozen.

Also on my design table are loads and loads of little squares waiting to be made into little flowers hopefully for my wedding. I made what has potential to be a corsage yesterday but forgot to take a picture this morning.  I'll post it later. 

Man that quilt pisses me off. For better design walls go here.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! No six year old is going to study the quilt for matching seams or puckers! She will wrap it around herself and love it!

Wendy said...

Breathe, Kat.

She's six years old.
Have you ever looked at a six year old's art? It's never professional-looking. It's usually not like the picture in his or her head. It hardly ever has any elements that "professional" artists look for.
They *know* it isn't professional.
But they love it anyway!

Trust me. She'll be MORE THAN DELIGHTED to receive it!
I promise!

Barb said...

Trust me, we all have days like that.....and who ever receives it will just love it.

QuiltSwissy said...

Take a deep breath! You are fine. Your quilt is fine. The 6 year old will love it. That I know.

glen: who has had a few of these days myself!

Quilter Kathy said...

You write such an interesting blogpost when you are mad! I am living vicariously through you!