Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!! #5

Phew, another week gone by already??  The days are getting longer, so how can these weeks keep getting shorter??  It's been a great week though.  I'm pretty sure it rained Monday, but the past couple of days the weather has been so great that I honestly don't remember if it did or not.

On that note, my Friday Fave Five:

1. Summer beer.  God bless the Germans, they know their beer and they know what to do with it.  This lovely little concoction is half UFO (Hefeweizen) and half lemonade.  That's right, lemonade.  Any white beer works, but the unfiltered kinds tend to work best I think.  It tastes like summer.  I had one glass last night and just wanted to jump in Helen and drive. (Wendy, Helen is the van.  Yes, that VW beauty is our van...she's our first child, for all intents and purposes.  She needs a lotta lovin' and some new tires, but she's pretty badass.  She made it all the way up to Newfoundland and back last summer, with only a few small mishaps along the way.  You'll hear plenty more about Helen in the coming weeks though, I'm sure.  I'm going to need to fix up her canvas by hand, so there will be reports.)

Anyways, don't judge me on the glass...MOTU doesn't have a dishwasher, so it's sort of the dish equivalent of laundry day right now.  Good thing he's working from home today and has sworn to do it before I get there...I HATE doing dishes by hand.  HATE IT.

2. Project success!  I decided to make my cousin (who just had a baby) a diaper bag instead of a stuffed animal of some sort, and it came out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself!
I won't lie though...I cut out double the pieces and plan on making one more of these.  I'll send her the better one and keep the other one for myself.  Maybe I'll get more fabrics and turn this into my giveaway prize. I love the colors on this though.  The butterflies is light courderoy (fine bumps) and the pink is coarse courderoy (big bumps).  The gray is just thick lineny material I found...I really dig it as the inside of the bag though, it's nice and heavy but still washable.  The whole thing is machine washable actually.

3. My kitty.  He is just so...special.  Thursday night, I was making dinner and heard him making the same noise he made when Shelby ate his food the first time...this long, low howl that kind of raises the hairs on the back of my neck.  It's eerie.  I went to find him, and he was looking out the storm door to the back yard.  It was after dark, so I figured he'd been conversing with another kitty outside.  I didn't see one run away, so I flipped the porch light on...nothing.  Grisgris stopped howling and started sniffing at the door, but didn't see his friend anymore so he started purring.  I turned the light back off and went to walk away, but as soon as I turned back around Grisgris started howling again.  I went over to see what he was looking at and realized...he was howling at his shadow on the ground outside!!!  It looked like a black kitty and kept moving around (because he did), so he thought there was an intruder who wouldn't talk to him!  I about fell on the floor I was laughing so hard.

He reminds me a lot of Alex the Lion from Madagascar. Pretty boy, kinda slow, goes completely wild sometimes, but all in all he means well.
He jumped out a window (first floor) yesterday to get outside, then hid under the trailer every time I tried to get him back in.  He's a little punk.  But I love him dearly.

4. One more week!  I have to say, every time I make the commute in or out now, I am a little more excited about not making it ever again.  Even on the good days, it still takes 45 minutes plus each way and I'm just so over that.  I can't wait until I can bike to work again too.  And have time in the evenings to run, cook, AND sew.

5. Spring skimpies!  This is what MOTU calls it.  At first, I was sort of offended (or at least annoyed) by both the term and the attention, but let's face's a seasonal rite of passage.  What woman doesn't love that first day where it's technically still a little cool out, but darn it, it's been months since your shoulders have seen the sun so it's time for a tank top?  Apparently the boys love this time of year as well...the first day that women suddenly *aren't* wearing hoodies and parkas and jeans...some of us opt for the hoodie and shorts, some opt for tank top and jeans.  Personally, I know my legs glow in the dark so I'm all for jeans.  What's your spring skimpy style?


Another fave for this Friday?  The Friday Night Sew-In, of course!!

I'll have another post later to organize my thoughts for tonight.  I know I'm going to make another bag, and I'll probably put the top together for Emily's Matilda's baby blanket.  It's a pink/green/white rail fence, nothing spectacular.  I think I'll call it Fencing Matilda.

Also, I need to start doing labels for my quilts.  The QFK ones came with labels, but I didn't put one on Abby's Road.  I thought about it and sort of meant to, but then got excited about sending it to her and forgot entirely.


Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Hahaha! You made me laugh today Kat! And your "Spring Spirit" is catching.
The sun is out in "full-beam" today, so it's gorgeous here! But i'm not yet ready for "Spring Skimpies"... And shorts are a loooong way off for me. I've been cold ALL Winter this year...

Susanne said...

LOL to glow in the dark legs. We are no where near shorts or tank top weather. It snowed in the night here.

Your kitty story cracked me right up. They are so funny.

Love the diaper bag you made. The butterfly's are sweet!

Brenda said...

Animals have a wonderful way of making us laugh and keeping us happy. I hope you post more pics of your cat.

Robin said...

That diaper bag looks really nice. I'm sure she'll love it.

Have a great weekend.

p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog

Laura said...

CUTE diaper bag!

You'd laugh at how long I wear a hoodie in Florida. When it's so incredibly hot in the summer, that 65 degrees feels downright chilly.

Alex in Madagascar -- HA!
Happy weekend.

Stephani said...

I'm with you on the glow in the dark legs! I don't wear shorts until it is so hot I'd get heat stroke if I didn't wear them! My skimpy? The first thing I get excited about is wearing shoes that don't cover my toes; sandals, flip flops. It's officially spring here, but it snowed yesterday so my toes are still not showing, but I've given myself a pedicure and I'm ready to go!