Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Plug

Before I start working today (yes, it's sunny out but it's also cold and I'm feeling anti-social) I wanted to put in a quick plug for Cindy's Fabrics.  I ordered another 4 sets of her 5-1/2 inch I Spy squares for Arman's quilt-turned-playmat (and suggestions on fabric to use as the backing for this are much appreciated) and she's been just wonderful.  I've emailed her with a list of characters and concepts that Arman likes or is learning, and she's been doing a fantastic job of hunting down just the right fabrics to make this quilt perfect for him.  I can't tell you enough how responsive she's been, and how much effort she's put in for me already!  I will definitely keep requesting these from her, and I highly recommend her to you if you're looking for something similar.  She's got other stuff in her shop, but I've been so enamored with her I Spy squares that, honestly, I haven't really looked. :-)

What's everyone working on today?  I finished the QFK quilt last night (just need to finish the binding now) and I have 32 of 63 blocks done for Alishia's string quilt too.  Man, strings are fun and all, but I can tell I'm going to be burned out on them by the end of this.  I'm thinking of starting on Mai's quilt today, to see how hard/fun/intense Hunter's Star blocks are.  I just think that the one I saw here is so pretty, and would look really good with some red thrown in (as per Mai's favorite color combination).  I guess I could start on Mom's Paddington quilt, but I've only just barely gotten all the parts in one place for that.  In fact, I just realized that the backing fabric is actually still in the car.  That one feels like it's not quite ripe yet.  So I guess Mai and Alishia it is!  :-)

Oh, and at some point I'm going to make something for myself...haven't figured out what yet, but it's going to be queen-sized to fit Nick's bed.  Did I just hear the Jaws theme?

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