Friday, February 26, 2010


So I don't know how many people even read this blog (my counter says quite a few, but I won't pretend I don't add to that number a bit myself) but I just wanted to give my mom some publicity.  She's started a blog recently (Tuesdays with Dori, hyuk hyuk) that's basically all the things she *would* have been telling me all along, if she'd known I was making her a quilt for Christmas

A quick digression here.  I know I have multiple blogs about basically the same things.  But the thing is, this blog is for virtual friends.  That blog is for IRL friends.  I don't post nearly as much stuff about charity work on there, because it feels like bragging.  Here, well, it's still bragging but it somehow feels less...icky.  I don't know.  Maybe that's silly, but it is what it is.  That's how I got the name for this blog though, from the one I made to track making the quilt (my first ever) for my mom. 

Anyways. So my mom is funny.  At Christmas, I wanted her to be a guest poster on my cooking blog (yeah that's right, I have a lot of blogs...hush) but she wasn't sure she wanted to learn a new interface (she didn't call it that, I don't remember what she called it...maybe "computer thing").  Mom's neither old nor stupid (far from it on both), but computers are complicated and she doesn't usually have the *need* to fuss with them like I do.  So when, out of the blue, she sent me a link to a blog that she's not only writing on but set up herself, I couldn't have been more proud. 

Anyways.  Tuesdays with Dori.  Go check it out.  It's only got a few entries, but as time passes it'll be filled with 30+ years of quilting knowledge. 


Wendy said...

I read it Kat.
Virtual friend that i am.

Kat said...

:-) I know, and I really appreciate that you take the time to comment a lot too. Definitely a virtual friend. :-)