Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fave Five #2

  1. Today started flip flop season.  It was low 40s, projected to snow, but feet have been miserable for months.

  2. Ok, I got this a while back.  My friend Emily made Gabby the office gremlin for me.  She's the reason papers go missing, my computer magically reboots, and my diet coke is suddenly empty.  Today, she's making me smile.

  3. New friends!  It turns out that Brenda, of Pumpkin Patch Primitives, lives within a couple miles of MOTU!  
  4. My kitty.  I'll post pictures later.  He discovered that there's a second shelf to the kitchen cabinets...the one we keep the olive oil on, specifically.  He likes to hide there now, crouched in the back.  Not really sure why, but it's really funny anyways.  Also, he's doing just fine after his surgery.  I've be mastering the kitty rodeo (yes, that's right...I have to SIT on him to get him to hold still long enough to give him his medicine).  I'm getting such a kick out of it that I'm going to be genuinely sad when I don't have to give him meds anymore.  It doesn't hurt him at all, don't worry.  
  5. Closet space!  It turns out that installing a new bathroom is going to *start* at $5k, which means that we get no new bathroom for now.  Instead, that whoooooollllleee space is gonna be a closet.  And that other half of the bedroom is gonna be just open space.  I'm a fan.  I like open spaces.  The best part is, since we're not doing anything at all to the bathroom part of things, it's entirely conceivable that we could get the room done by the end of this weekend!  Which means that I could start transporting my sewing stuff to Nashua in the next couple of weeks!  Huzzah!  


Karyn said...

I wear flipflops every chance I get - over the winter, that means only in the house, but... I hear ya on wanting to shed the shoes!

Good luck on getting the room changed over!

You office gremlin is funny - I can see whyshe's makin you smile.

msdewberry said...

Flip flop time!! I am up with that. I love your little gremlin. Its a good reason to blame things gone astray. And that empty space you were mentioning might be big enough to hold a comfy chair and a reading light. Your own little reading corner!!

Laura said...

A closet is a good thing...!

Since I live in flip flop land (the Sunshine State), it's almost always the season here. I'm sure you're happy to see it in your climate.

Happy weekend.

Robin said...

Now I know what's been causing so much trouble in my office. I've never seen him/her but, I'm sure I have a gremlin too.

Any day I can wear flip flops is a good day.

Have a marvelous weekend.

Willow said...

Since I live by the Pacific Ocean, my students show up for class wearing flipflops and shorts in January! Come on out! Isn't it great when you find real life friends through the internet?

Susanne said...

I'm not quite brave enough to get the flip flops out just yet.

Cats are such cool animals. We had to sit on ours too to give them any pills too.